Displaying Agendas and Minutes using Links

Displaying Agendas and Minutes using Links

The first step to display your Agendas or Minutes is to upload the file first.

Uploading Files

This is accessed by clicking on “Files” along the left hand side. (see screenshot below)


To upload new files, simply click the “upload” button  (see screenshot below of what the following screen looks like)


From here click “choose files to upload”. If you do choose the files then this will take you to a screen which shows your computer file structure and from here you can choose to upload 1 or more files. To upload the file, simply double click on the file from your computer.

Inserting Links to Files 


To insert links to files within a page, click on “Pages” down the left hand side. Click on the page you want to edit, make sure you are on the “Content” tab, click into the content area where you want to put the link (the blue section) and then the toolbar will pop up. The content area or blue section looks like the image below.


Click the “Insert Link” button (shown above) on the toolbar. You will then be greeted with a screen like the one below.


From here type in some Display Text into the "Display Text field for what you want your link to be called (i.e. the name of the file perhaps) and then click “Link to File on Server" and then a screen with all of your images and files will be listed on your screen (Shown Below).

insertlinktoimage improved

On this screen, find the file you uploaded in the previous step (folders will be on the left hand side and the files in the folders on the right hand side) and then click on the file and then click “Ok”. Your file will then be linked in your main content.

Click "Published" to save the changes.