One Suffolk Upgrade Complete

One Suffolk Upgrade Complete

29 Jan 2018

We are pleased to say that the One Suffolk Website platform upgrade is now complete. All websites will be in their new layout form and all websites will be using Silverstripe version 3.6.  As part of this process we have also updated our own main site at www.onesuffolk.net and our logo (shown at the top of this email). Please have a look around the new site - we hope you like it.

As part of our support offering to all customers we have also produced new user guides for the updated system. These can be found on our main website at www.onesuffolk.net under the Websites section & the "Docs and Guidelines" section. 

This has been a long and incredibly complex process to get an upgraded system to users whilst ensuring down time of websites was virtually nothing but we are proud to have achieved it and delivered on our promises.

It is likely that some bugs and quirks will be found when you use the system, despite the weeks and weeks of testing we have done. There is nothing like people getting on and using the system, so if you do spot something then please let us know using the contact details at the bottom of this email and we will endeavour to fix it as soon as possible. 

This completion of the upgrade doesn't mean the end of work on the system for us. Over the coming few weeks we will be ironing out some bugs, adding even more features to the system and even better for users, introducing a new layout that will look a little more like the old layouts - if that is of interest. We will keep you posted when this work is complete.

To login to your website editor simply go to the same website address you would have gone to before i.e. http://mycommunity.onesuffolk.net/admin and use your existing email address and password.

A couple of things we do need to just mention on the new system. 
1. The main top header image on sites - we have not taken across your main header image on your old websites because these images were designed to work on the old system with different sizes and on transferring across they looked very poor. There are a couple of options for you. You can upload a new photo and set it up in the main carousel image or you can wait till we have the new second layout available in the next couple of weeks and then upload a new image to that.
2. Forms - If you use forms on your site then there is no longer the ability to add "skip questions" to your form i.e. if you answer yes then it will skip to question 6. We are investigating whether this is something we may add in the future but this is unlikely. Also in regards to forms, there is currently no ability to upload images or files with your form. This is something we hope to get working in the coming weeks.

Barring the 2 items above the new system has so many advantages and new features. Some of these are listed below.

1. Updated system supported by Silverstripe
2. Ability to upload multiple images at once
3. More flexible content adding allowing you to structure pages the way you want
4. SSL certificates to protect your forms (additional extra - one off charge applicable)
5. A bunch of new widgets made available including more social media interaction
6. Mobile friendly websites as standard
7. Asset listing can now display files from a selection of files - not just one folder

We hope you like the new system and if you are booked into the free refresher sessions over the next 5-6 weeks we look forward to seeing you. There is every chance we may be doing additional paid training sessions in the long term so keep an eye on your email in regards to these.