Coronavirus Customer Update

Coronavirus Customer Update

20 Mar 2020

Dear Customer,

Following on from the governments most recent advice around "social distancing" and effectively advising organisations to work from home where possible, the Executive Team at Community Action Suffolk has asked all staff to work from home from Monday 23rd March. This will continue until such a time that the national advice changes and that more normal working practices can resume.

What does this mean for me?

As a subscriber to One Suffolk, this means that the Helpdesk services (telephone & email) that we provide alongside the One Suffolk website service will have to be operated from staff member's homes.

Will I be adversely affected by this?

Community Action Suffolk operates IT systems that can be mostly accessed anywhere in the world securely and easily. For most of your experience i.e. remote or email, you shouldn't notice a difference. Our telephone systems however are less remotely accessible and this does mean that if you do call us on the normal number, you may just have to leave a message and we will return your call in due course. This is a similar process to how we operate the service over Christmas and we find it works very well for all parties.

Is there anything I can do?

Over the coming week we will be incredibly busy dealing with a number of Coronvirus related queries. Coupled with that we have staff that are off on annual leave, so if you could bear with us over the next 1-2 weeks we will respond and deal with your queries as quickly and efficiently as we can. The IT Support industry is incredibly busy at the moment across the UK so we are not the only provider experiencing such demand.

Your custom is very important to us and we will continue to provide the best service possible in these exceptionally challenging circumstances for us all.

If you do have any queries relating to this email or anything else then please call us on 01473 345360 or email us at onesuffolk@communityactionsuffolk.org.uk



Matthew Morling


IT Manager


One Suffolk