Silverstripe Upgrade Date Confirmed

Silverstripe Upgrade Date Confirmed

We are delighted to announce a confirmed upgrade date of the One Suffolk Silverstripe software and also a date when we request that no changes to site content are made until the upgrade is complete.

Firstly, we kindly ask that after 9am on Monday 22nd January 2018 you make no further changes to your website until the upgrade process is complete. 

The actual upgrade switch will be flicked on Tuesday 30th January 2018 when all One Suffolk websites will be moved to the new upgraded system and all websites will be converted to the new designs - one of which we shared with you a few weeks back. Once this date has been passed you can then update the website as you have been doing.

Important Note: If you make any changes to your website during the period between Monday 22nd January 2018 and Tuesday 30th January 2018 then these changes will not be taken over to your new site and you will need to make these changes again.

The plan is that EVERYTHING from your existing website will be moved across to the new system so that come Tuesday 30th January 2018 you won't have to do anything. We are even hoping to keep your existing password so that as soon as the new system is live you will be able to login as before. 

Between Monday 22nd January 2018 and Tuesday 30th January 2018 all of the One Suffolk websites will be moving across to the new system and also during this period we will be doing manual checks on as many of the sites that is possible to ensure they are coming across fine. We hope that bugs will be kept to a minimum but if some are discovered after the system has been upgraded then please bear with us and we will fix them as soon as is feasible.

Clearly the sites will look a little different than before but this is a necessity as the current designs are not  compatible with the new system and also it's imperative for the future that the designs move with the times.

In January we will be communicating with you again to give you a little more information about the upgrade and also confirmation of training dates. From early February, we are planning to roll out 4-6 weeks of "refresher sessions" where we will be showing you the key differences between the old and new systems and showing how to do the basics in regards to updating your website. We plan to host around 8-10 free sessions over the course of this 4-6 week period and these sessions will be bookable ahead of the event so we can get an idea of attendance numbers.

If any of our plans do change or we need to inform you about something specific in regards to the upgrade this will be communicated nearer the time. We'd like to thank all of you for your patience with the upgrade. I know many of you have been waiting for us to complete this but we are just delighted to be able to confirm some dates to you.

By Default Admin on December 21st, 2017