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  1. the Final Meeting at Newmarket Racecourses

    Date: 3 November 2017 13:50:00 - 4 November 2017
    Time: 13:50
    Location: Rowley Mile Racecourse, CB8 0TF

    52.238 0.375

    The Final Meeting of the season is often referred to as ‘End of Term’ within the industry and has a very celebratory and jovial atmosphere. There’s are seven …

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  2. Aladdin-The Pantomime!!

    Date: 23 December 2017 14:30:19 - 7 January 2018
    Time: 14:30
    Location: The Spa Pavilion, Undercliff Road West, Felixstowe, Ip11 2DX

    51.961 1.355

    Your wish has been granted! The most magical story of them all returns to The Spa in 2017/18. Enjoy a magic carpet ride of a pantomime! Aladdin dreams of marrying …

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